Bracelet Malas

Our Bracelet Malas are available on jeweler-grade elastic (bracelets) or fastened with a hand-tied sliding knot, adjustable Guru Bead or clasp. Our bracelets can be used as a Hand Mala, allowing for instant mindfulness focus or mantra mediation anywhere you may be. 

The bracelet can also be used as an Unconscious Mindfulness Tool, never having to leave your wrist, but with a simple glance, bringing your attention back to your breath, a wandering mind or as a reminder to simply stop and be in this moment.

Our bracelets are hand-strung without any charms. Add charms to create the mindful look you desire by choosing from our ever-changing selections. Charms are worked directly into the bracelet for a natural flow. We source our charms from all over the world and often have a limited, one-time quantity, making some of our charms sought-after and collectable.

All of our Malas are made by hand from the highest grade components available, having been sourced from around the world and always procured through sustainable means in support of other cultures and indigenous peoples. Our artists and designers create our Malas in-house, utilizing the same methods that have been used for centuries, while honoring our Company Mission of creating products that directly support the Spiritual and Mindful life of each individual towards a more fulfilling human experience through lessening anxiety and generating greater abundance. Care and use of our Malas can be found here.