Pearl Collection

Pearls have undergone centuries of energetic and Eastern Medicine uses with the primary focus being on the healing and nurturing properties of the sea-born gem. Aligned with the Moon and ocean tides, the Pearl balances, cleanses and energizes the light-body of any living organism while strengthening feminine resolve and her focus. Pearls have long been utilized in banishing negative cognitions, moving unconscious struggles into consciousness and cleansing the aura of impurities.

All of our Malas are made by hand from the highest grade components available, having been sourced from around the world and always procured through sustainable means in support of other cultures and indigenous peoples. Our artists and designers create our Malas in-house, utilizing the same methods that have been used for centuries, while honoring our Company Mission of creating products that directly support the Spiritual and Mindful life of each individual towards a more fulfilling human experience through lessening anxiety and generating greater abundance. Care and use of our Malas can be found here.