Our Mission

The Guru Bead was born from a series of discussions concerning mental health, spiritual lives and the hectic nature of "the daily grind." Stress, worry, and clinical anxiety keep millions of Americans awake at night, ruminating on the same needling thoughts while feeding their worry with unhealthy foods, substances, and declining self-care activities. 

The American Psychological Association (APA) reported: "Approximately 40 million American adults ages 18 and older, or about 18.1 percent of people in this age group in a given year, have an anxiety disorder." Anxiety Disorders are diagnosed mental illnesses given to people who have such a heightened anxiety experience, their regular lives are grossly impacted, where constant stress keeps them from being fully present in their relationships, jobs or hobbies.

The founders of The Guru Bead have worked in Mental Health and Spiritual Health for several decades and know one of the best, simplest ways, to directly combat anxiety and greatly reduce it's hold on the psyche. 

Enter Mindfulness / Meditation

Mindfulness is simply noticing and observing your thoughts, intentions, and behaviors. Leaving your judgments elsewhere, simply breathe and, while you breathe, bring your attention to the act of breathing. Notice how your chest moves as you inhale, note the sensation of air passing over your lips and gently notice your thoughts as they move away from noticing your breath to something else. Without judgment or criticism, simply acknowledge the present moment, "My mind moved to my job" and bring your thoughts back to the breath. That's it! 

Over time, sitting for 5 minutes each day will allow you to take control of your wandering mind. This, in turn, will calm the storm inside, offering better sleep, more focus and, ultimately, finding the time for the things you want and need in your daily life.

Enter the Mala

The Mala is a beautiful piece of jewelry with an amazing ability to assist in mindful living. Devoid of any one spiritual path, though used with almost every major religion on Earth, the Mala offers a clear path towards a meditative life, without having to study ancient texts, memorize long chants or commit to a particular religious path. Made from natural gemstones, cultured pearls, reclaimed wood, seeds, horn, bone, coral and other substances, in its simplest use, each bead represents one breath. Moving along a string of beads offers the mind a literal touchstone, consciously reminding you to refocus on your breathing as you move along the mala.

A Mala Bracelet, worn daily with the intention to be mindful, generates mindfulness by simply glancing at one's wrist, feeling a charm brush the forearm or the soothing sound of gemstones jingling against themselves, instantly bringing the wearer back to the present moment, allowing for a few seconds of BEING in that moment. Over and over, this act creates a stability while connecting the person with their own spiritual path.

One Bead, One Breath, One Being

Our Company Mission is creating beautiful products that directly support the Spiritual and Mindful life of each individual towards a more fulfilling human experience through lessening anxiety and generating greater abundance. 

Our artists and designers create our Malas, bracelets, and necklaces in-house, utilizing the same methods that have been used for centuries. We know the transformative power of this simple process, tested the world-over; now we want to share the easy way of healing the mind, which in turn, heals the body, bringing each practitioner to a state of homeostasis, a true balance of being. Join our Mala Revolution and help change a life, one breath at a time, through beautiful jewelry that speaks to your elegant and spiritual nature. Jewelry with an intention to calm, to rejuvenate and to heal.