The Guru Guys

The Guru Bead's founders believe through first-hand experience that five minutes of mindful meditation, intention, prayer or simple purposeful breathing has the ability to change one's life.  But, as the Buddha was found of saying, don't take our word for it, sit down, grab a Mala, and see for yourself!


Our Founders

Steve Johnston, Psy.D.
Steve Johnston has worked in the behavioral sciences for more than a decade. Specializing in Post Traumatic Stress and Anxiety, he has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with traumatic experiences and daily stress. Being a life-long student of meditation, he has spent more than 30 years practicing various forms of mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga and formal Buddhist Mahayana forms of practice. Steve has taught meditation techniques to groups and individuals in education environments, corporate retreats and at some of the nation's leading hospitals and clinics. The Mala has always been a tool to teach, learn and practice with and ultimately led to his love of sourcing materials from around the world, supporting communities in other cultures and crafting new Mala designs. 


Harold Taylor, Jr.
Harold Taylor has worked in corporate environments serving as a Board Member, Owner and Founder of several eCommerce startups and educational institutions, including the Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute of CA. Harold brings his amazing creative talent as a designer and manufacturer, sharing in the company mission of creating products that can bring about change in the lives of those who use our Malas.  Harold is an Origami Master, confectionist and an amazing Chef!