White Lotus Dragon Mala (108 Bead)

The Guru Bead

  • This 108 bead, White Dragon Mala is made with the highest quality natural Lotus Seeds and sterling silver focus beads. The Dragon Mala's beautifully detailed Guru Bead is forged in sterling silver in the form of a dragon's head. From the dragon's mouth coils a hand-tied 21 stitch braided knot, splitting into two cords, each capped with a sterling silver bead featuring the Wisdom Mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum" in Sanskrit lettering encircling each bead. 

    The body of the Mala consists of 108 meditation beads, separated into 4 quadrants, with each section consisting of 27 natural Lotus Seed beads. The two lateral markers are sterling silver basket weave beads. Opposite the Guru Bead is the focus bead, a beautiful Black Onyx capped by sterling silver petals in the shape of "The Seed of Life."

    The mala arrives in our 100% recycled Chocolate Jewelry Box along with a beautiful padded Mala bag, handmade by dedicated Dharma Practitioners in Thailand.

    1. Mala Type: 108 Bead for meditation, mantra repetition, grounding and/or focus.
    2. Length: 20.75" body, 3.75" Guru with braided cord, total length of 23.75".
    3. Weight: 97.0 g. (0.22 lbs.)
    4. Materials: 108 Natural Lotus Seed (11mm) beads, 1 Sterling Silver (925) Dragon Guru bead, 2 Sterling Silver (925) marker beads, 2 Sterling Silver (925) finishing beads, 1 Black Onyx circular stone encapsulated by 2 Sterling Silver (925) caps.
    5. Mala Bag: Handmade by Dharma practitioners in Thailand, specifically sourced by The Guru Bead for our Malas.
    6. Jewelry Box: Our beautiful Chocolate Jewelry Box is made in America. Box board consists of 100% recycled materials - on average 80% is post consumer. Non-tarnishing ultra white synthetic cotton filler is 100% recycled. Paper wrap material is 100% recycled, Process Chlorine Free (PCF), and manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy.
    7. Manufacturing & Components: This product is assembled by hand upon ordering and ships out within 24 to 48 hours. All components are of the highest quality available. As with all precious and semiprecious materials, slight imperfections, inclusions or color variants are natural.
    8. Shipping to countries outside of the USA: Goods purchased for personal use and shipped to countries outside of the USA may be charged customs, duties, and/or taxes by the country receiving the product(s). These additional charges are calculated and charged by the shipper (i.e. DHL, FedEx, etc.) on behalf of the receiving country and are separate from The Guru Bead. Should additional fees be required, the shipping company will contact the recipient directly. These additional fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Properties of the Dragon
    Dragons are believed to be an ultimate totem of protection. Strength, stamina, presence and focus also tend to accompany these great energetic guardians. This totem creature bestows confidence, cuts to the truth of reality while supporting/strengthening the Root Chakra. The Crown Chakra (#7) corresponds and refines the Root Chakra (#1), energetically creating this White Dragon Lotus Seed Mala as a tool of healing inner focus while moving energy through all 7 light bodies. The Crown directly strengthens the Root Chakra, blending the mind and body.

    Properties of Lotus Seeds
    The white spotted Lotus Bodhi Seeds used in this Mala are often referred to as ‘Moon and stars,’ which is a very popular and traditional Bodhi bead in Buddhism and is the hard and dense seed of the Daemonorops jenkinsiana plant. The ‘Moon and stars’ name reflects the small holes (moon) and tiny black dots (stars) covering the seed’s surface.

    Primary Energetic Properties: Promotes spirituality and assists in maintaining a balanced focus, even in turbulent times. The Lotus seed houses the life force of the plant; opening at the crown chakra to assist in communion with the divine, deepening meditation and breath work.

    Chakra: Crown

    The Crown Chakra is sometimes envisioned as a thousand petal lotus opening to the light above. The Lotus Flower is also often equated with each level of the seven Chakras, with energy moving either up or down the light body, strengthening and supporting each Chakra center.

    Properties of Black Onyx
    Black Onyx is a semi-precious stone mined in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United States. While the stone comes in various colors and patterns, this Mala's Focal Bead is made of the highest grade, polished black onyx crystal, a form of chalcedony.

    Primary Energetic Properties: Provides strength, grounding and centering, while absorbing negative energy, increasing stamina and offers a strong spiritual protection.

    Chakra: Root

    Disclaimer: Gemstones, semiprecious stones, precious stones, natural woods and/or metals (energetic/spiritual properties) listed with The Guru Bead in digital or printed form are intended for spiritual knowledge and are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and/or care. Please see a licensed doctor or mental health provider if you are in physical or mental distress.

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