Clear Quartz with Marbled Agate Mala Bracelet

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  • Our natural Clear Quartz bracelet Mala is a direct connection with all seven Chakra points, with a subtle vibration of Loving Kindness, gently infused by the Agate Focus bead. Quartz Crystals can be energized or “programmed” for any specific Chakra or meditative intention, initiating a continual flow of energetics through these Natural Clear Quartz Crystal beads, joined by a beautiful Marbled Agate Focal bead, encircled by two sterling silver Seed of Life bead caps on pure white cord, offering both strength and comfort. Two 6mm Clear Quartz beads adorn both of the drop cords.

    The mala arrives in our 100% recycled Chocolate Jewelry Box along with a Natural fiber bag made of 100% cotton with a cotton string closure. Our eco-friendly bags are hand sewn in India and are reusable.

    The listed price is for the bracelet without any charms. Add charms to create the mindful look you desire by choosing from our ever-changing selections. Charms are worked directly into the bracelet for a natural flow. We source our charms from all over the world and often have a limited, one-time quantity, making some of our charms sought-after and collectable.

    1. Mala Type: Wrist Mala bracelet for meditation, mantra repetition, grounding and/or focus.
    2. Length: 5”, 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, 7.75”, 8”, 8.5”
    3. Weight: 19g. (0.04 lbs.)
    4. Materials: Natural Clear Quartz (8mm) beads, 1 natural Marbled Agate (10mm) focus bead, 2 Sterling Silver (925) Seed of Life bead caps, 2 Sterling Silver (925) round spacer beads, 2 natural Clear Quartz (6mm) finishing beads, all hand strung on white braided cord.
    5. Mala Bag: Natural fiber cotton bags are made of 100% cotton and have a cotton string closure. Our eco-friendly bags are hand sewn in India and are reusable.
    6. Jewelry Box: Our beautiful Chocolate Jewelry Box is made in America. Box board consists of 100% recycled materials - on average 80% is post consumer. Non-tarnishing ultra white synthetic cotton filler is 100% recycled. Paper wrap material is 100% recycled, Process Chlorine Free (PCF), and manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy.
    7. Manufacturing & Components: This product is assembled by hand upon ordering and ships out within 24 to 48 hours. All components are of the highest quality available. As with all precious and semiprecious materials, slight imperfections, inclusions or color variants are natural.
    8. Shipping to countries outside of the USA: Goods purchased for personal use and shipped to countries outside of the USA may be charged customs, duties, and/or taxes by the country receiving the product(s). These additional charges are calculated and charged by the shipper (i.e. DHL, FedEx, etc.) on behalf of the receiving country and are separate from The Guru Bead. Should additional fees be required, the shipping company will contact the recipient directly. These additional fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Properties of Clear Quartz Crystals 
    Clear Quartz is found in Arkansas, Brazil, China, Himalayan, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Tibet. Clear Quartz is known as a “Stone of Power” for it’s ability to work with any Chakra to focus on any condition, intention or energetic. Quartz points are typically 6 sided, holding to the laws of Sacred Geometry, contributing to Quartz’s ability to amplify energetic vibrations.

    Primary Energetic Properties: Has been shown to enhance and fortify the body’s aura or energy field. Protects against negativity, relieves various forms of pain while attuning to one’s Higher Self. Clear Quartz is often used to activate, clear and align all of the Chakras.

    Chakra: All, depending on the intention and focus with the crystal.

    Properties of Agate:
    Agate is found in Africa, Brazil, India and Morocco. Found in a multitude of colors and patterns, Agate works with all of the Chakras to gently pulse loving kindness to all. This crystal works slowly with an amplitude that affects the subtle light body, bring balance and ease. 

    Primary Energetic Properties: Believed to improve mental acuity and focus, specifically with stability and clarity, allowing what is not realized to be understood. Agate is helpful in overcoming negative emotional states by infusing the Chakras with loving kindness.

    Chakra: All, different colors and patterns have different Chakra focus.

    Disclaimer: Gemstones, semiprecious stones, precious stones, natural woods and/or metals (energetic/spiritual properties) listed with The Guru Bead in digital or printed form are intended for spiritual knowledge and are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and/or care. Please see a licensed doctor or mental health provider if you are in physical or mental distress.

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